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Thread: Pauls Pond

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    Pauls Pond

    Hi All,
    First post in this forum after reading lots, I`m about the start my pond project and just wanted to run a few things by the experts, make sure I`m on the right lines, heres a few details:

    Pond internal dimensions – 4m x 2m x 1.2 deep
    Infinity window to one long side – external viewing dimensions 1.5 x 0.5
    700mm above ground built in blockwork on fat edge
    Stocked with 5 or 6, 20cm koi

    Build method – dig and fill 150mm footing with rebar rods, dig area inside footing and channel for 110mm bottom drain and return(s). “Dish” the internal area to lowest part at bottom drain. Build blockwork 700mm above ground.

    Filtration – 110mm bottom drain -> Eazypod -> pump -> UV -> mid water return

    First question is around the window, I`m thinking of laying the first course of block underneath the window to protrude internally by about 50mm, this will provide a “shelf” for the window to sit on then the second course run flush. Giving me a 100mm bottom lip to attach the glass (glass will be 200mm wider and 100mm deeper than opening). Then pva the blockwork where the glass will be in contact with it and then bond the glass to the blocks using this stuff: https://www.idealsealants.com/ideals...ive-300ml-p141.
    Once the sealant / adhesive has cured, fix bent straps https://www.screwfix.com/p/sabrefix-...m-5-pack/85398 to either side of the window securing it internally (for when the football hits it, I know there will be a ton of water holding it against the block work but for peace of mind and while its empty). Then bond liner to window using multiple beads of the same adhesive/sealant. Think this will work?

    pond window pic.PNG

    Also I`ve seen raised ponds with some sort of stainless and glass upstand fitted to the top, like the one in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD6J6hTvv2U&t=197s I thought it may help deter the herons in my area, any ideas where to buy these?

    I` sure I`ll have loads more questions and I`ll post pics as I progress, thanks in advance!

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    Looks good. I would only seat the window on 50 mm lip, waste of glass to go more. Ideal Auto-Marine is the perfect choice of sealant. I built the block walls and just disc cut the rebate, painted it and sealed the window with 3-4 tubes of sealant. You need to have help lifting into position as the glass at 25mm thick weighs a lot! I also put two strips of rubber on the bottom lip to hold a gap while the seal sets, then removed and sealed later. Once it has fully cured it wont be going anywhere!!

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    Sounding like a good build, I look forward to seeing the progress Pauls Pond

    I can't comment on the glass as still trying to suss out my own Pauls Pond

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    Thanks for the tip on the glass overhang Alan, Read through your pond build. Great job!

    I`m torn between:

    a) Make foundation for the blockwork thats going to be above ground level to sit on and leave the "inside" as mud and fit a liner (quicker and cheaper option and easier to form a concave to the BD,)

    b) Pour a slab and build up in blockwork from the bottom of pond then fiberglass (more expensive, take longer, look better) This seems to be the preferred option but other than a minor asthetics I can`t see much benefit

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    ... and we`re off.

    Had a spare weekend so dug the trenches for the concrete collar. It then struck me that the large tree stump right next to the pond would probably disturb the collar when I tried to remove it so really need to do that first.

    Took all of Saturday plus help from a friend to get the stump unrooted. Now needs chopping up and removing.


    Footing poured,
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I personally would not try to glue the liner to the window, I would do it the other way round.
    If you think about it, a seal that’s under compression from tonnes of water pressing a solid glass window against it is going to be less likely to leak than one with a flexible liner pressed against it by the very small surface area of the contact.

    If you did it that way round you could just cut a rebate into the blocks around the window (if you’re not using insulation on the walls). Or if you are using insulation then attach a ‘frame’ in wooden battens for the window to fit into on the inside of the window opening allowing a 50mm or more window overlap on all sides. You can then cut and glue the liner into the frame (just to stick it in place not as part of a seal against water) and when that is set glue the window to the liner, and seal around it. There are threads where that has been done in the pond build section.



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