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    Advice sought on 110/4" flow layout & non return valve from sewer

    I want some thoughts on pipework for my (very long term) new pond project please.

    Iíve thought and deliberated and decided to build a five-sided shed in the corner of my garden to house the pond filter, pump, etc.

    The pond is complete and has four-inch pressure pipework from the bottom drain and I propose to run this pipework to a point inside the shed, then a stop valve, above which will be a Nexus filter, all gravity fed.

    In my head I have a T off this pipe about half way between the pond and the filter, then a stop valve then a run of pipe into my 110mm sewer.

    My uncertainty arises with the fact that the Nexus must sit in a pit about 30cm (1 foot) below the shed floor because of course the top of the filter and top of the pond must be at the same height, my site slopes upwards gently. This of course raises the question of spillages in the pit.

    I propose to put a trapped gully in this pit, but this means I must put a 110mm check valve (non-return valve) between my trapped gully and the sewer pipe to prevent catastrophic backflow into the shed when the pond is being drained.

    Lets add to your confusion by telling you that this trapped gully (or the pipe into the sewer beyond it but above the check valve) must also take the waste overflow from the Nexus AND a pumped overflow from a rainwater attenuation pit between my house and the pond (designed to prevent water entering my house during biblical rain storms).

    There are a few photos of the pond in my profile.

    Will this all work? Can you see snags? Iíve made a rough sketch, I do hope you can understand itÖ

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    Any dirt will stop the NRV from working. You could use something like a washing machine loop?



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