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    Advice needed re strengthening raised pond

    Hi, I will try upload pics to show what i mean,
    I'm really liking the idea of a viewing window in my raised wooden pond, its 4 years old now and there is a slight bow on the long front face,The pond is 2m x 1.5m x 1m deep. Made of 44mm double tongue & grooved timber & a box welded liner that snuggly fits the shape of pond so no folds etc.
    pic 1 shows front of pond.
    pic 2 shows the bow
    pic 3 shows where viewing window wants to be.
    So i need to try to get rid of the bow, my thoughts are emptying the pond put fish in a temp swimming pool (being delivered wednesday) remove liner and wash and then attach timber 145mm x 45mm vertically to the front face, my question is do I screw it on the outside or on the inside to remove the bow SS101973.jpgand should i do same to the rear face?
    Is this size of wood too big, would thinner planks suffice as I don't want to lose too much internal volume?
    As i need to fit a batten to hold up the glass while sealant cures i'm thinking of insulating the bottom with 2" insulation board to give me some play on the liner as it needs to pass over this batten.
    Any ideas thoughts etc please reply,
    If this fails i'm thinking of building a 3.5mx 1.5m a1.2m deep from scratch with a viewing window but again in wood as i'm a pensioner can't lay heavy blocks etc. and i've cost it at over £1000 and who knows how many years i got left to enjoy it.

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