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    Question Electical equipment

    I am in need of some ideas as what to do with my electrical bits i.e. switch box, pump controller & UV etc. to protect from rain & frost etc.

    What do yo guys do with yours? that is the ones not fortunate enough to have a filter shed, pictures would be great.



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    Mine are all in a shed but you could use a Sarrell box with a door on it. They come in various sizes from something like a small shoe box to at least the size of a double wardrobe. They aren't the cheapest things but do the job. If required you could insulate them using Celotex or fibre glass like you get in your loft. The newer stuff is far less itchy than the older stuff was.

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    I appreciate it's nice to have all your electrics in a shed or garage but most UV's pump controllers and switch boxes that ive seen are actually IP rated and are designed to be used outdoors as they are waterproof

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    Wet dark winter night, shed or similar every time

    Then again not everyone has the room so you can only do what you can do.

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    i have a Keter box near pond , all electricals in there, i had my easy pod in there when i had it . Just had to drill the holes in it and attach a wooden baton to attach the electrical box etc .

    Now the missus uses it for cushions and everything garden .


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