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Thread: EZ POND size

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    Question EZ POND size

    Hi All,

    Any of you guys with an EZPond 1200i sunk it into the ground?
    I'm looking for a footprint or hole size so I can get digging before my new pond turns up.
    I need to cut through and existing concrete pad so could really could do with some accurate hole dimensions if anyone has them,.
    I don't fancy cutting and shifting concrete that I don't need to?

    The dimensions from the website are as follows, but looking at photos the sides of the pond seem to taper out ?
    Any ones experiences of putting one of these in would be great.


    Length..2670mm external – 2540mm internal
    Width….2400mm external – 2270mm internal
    Overall height...1260mm
    Internal depth…1050mm
    EZ1200i window size...1920mm x 760mm (31.5mm)


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    Won't you need clearance for assembly and plumbing?

    I would rather take out more initially than have to start increasing clearance after arrival.

    Hopefully someone who has one will pop up with a definitive guide before too long.

    I googled these after a previous post and will follow your progress with interest.

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    Hi Jim,
    Thanks, I am hoping, looking at photos the bottom drain and skimmer pipework is actually postioned between the raised pond supports?
    I could be wrong but like I said any info from members that have actually installed an ezpond 1200i with the spindrifter bottom drain would be much appreciated EZ POND size

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