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    Delighted to report that the fix seems to have worked and the leak is no more!

    I also got the pebble dashing done this morning. It's a very neat job and matches the rest of the house perfectly so we're chuffed.

    I've added ST to dechlorinate and plan to add a couple of goldfish tomorrow followed by the remainder of the fish during the week.

    As I mentioned earlier, I'll keep using my pressure filter over the winter and add a combi drum in the spring. I've 1 koi and 9 goldfish so they'll be fine.

    The finances need a well earned breather.


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    A very well done, glad to hear that you've cured it.

    Looks great as well

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    Excellent result mate, looks great too Ken's Pond BuildKen's Pond Build

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    That is great news yes !! And agree that finish looks really nice , good luck with the fish

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    Nice to see you got it all sort enjoy lovely finish

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    Chuffed for you mate. On the repair
    Looks nice.

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