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Thread: Pond advice

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    Pond advice

    I'm planning a new pond. Nothing overly glamorous but I have a couple of stupid questions. I'll tell you what I have in mind and then you can rip it to shreds. I'm looking at a 1000gallon ez pond with a window. Not sure about filtration. I would like bottom drainage but if I were to use say a kockney chamber filter is it practical to use the submersible pump that I have already in the last chamber to return water to pond or do I have to have an inline pump.

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    Yes that will work. The inline filters and submersibles are usually exactly the same thing, just either in a cage in the water or mounted dry and inline.

    Ez pond will sell you a complete setup with easypod and all the pipework etc if you just wanted to 'plug and play' so to speak.

    Although it is worth saying that 1000 gallons is only good for three or four adult fully grown koi. Otherwise you'll get no end of issues as they grow. If space was the issue I'd be happy with that, but otherwise bigger is best.
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