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    Free soil anyone? Free soil anyone? [emoji12]

    Pond shape is now fully dug out although still much more digging to do (sinking filter and bottom drain trench)

    I have just heard that I have to go back to work on July 1st so I guess I now have a deadline!

    A few questions:
    Best (value) place to buy pond supplies. I will soon be ordering pipework and fittings, liner and underlay.

    Also, I know most of you don't use pond liner but if you did, what thickness would you go for? I'm currently thinking 250gsm underlay and 0.75mm Edpm liner as I think it will be easier to shape.

    All comments and advice greatly appreciated.


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    Update pics

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    Hi, I used firestone pondgard 1.02mm liner, not cheap but wanted the best I could find. There are a lot of places online to buy pipework and fittings, I've had good experience with fiveacre koi, found their prices to be good and very quick delivery.

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    Nice work. Love the dog. Got to have a picture with a dog in there.
    Love it

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