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Thread: Mini Diggers...

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    Mini Diggers...

    I was thinking of hiring a Kubota K008-3 micro excavator for my dig, just little one so it will get through the gate but would be able to excavate most of the pond.

    The obvious thing is - how much more useful would an operator be? Bearing in mind the excavator wouldn't be able to give completely parallel walls and base due to the maximum depth arc of the digger I'd need to manually finish. The pond depth would be about 1.1-1.3m depending on ground level with the depth at 1.7 depth in the wall footings (below the max dig depth)

    Any experience in this would be much appreciated.

    Also did you find that the hire had insurance for the work they're doing (incase they broke a main etc)? There's no recorded services under the garden... recorded..

    Hire cost is about £90,130,170,210,250 depending on the number of days plus insurance for the vehicle and diesel (red, where do you get that nowadays?!). To hire an operator too is £195/day. One assumes delivery is included in that hire cost..

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    I hired a micro digger the other week from SHC and it was £153 all in for the day including fuel and delivery. (Leeds)

    I paid a friend of a friend to operate it, I'm glad I did as I'd have smashed the side of my house up it was that tight!


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    personally id say its not worth it, i had used a digger once before but only to move dirt from a pile into a dumper but i had mine dug out in a day

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    Depends how good the driver is, we use some plant operators that are magicians, literally experts in the job and the Agency we use when we cant get operators from the hire company send some that cant lay in bed straight. its luck f the draw, however if they cant get the arrising away or if you cant keep up with them your waste money and they will sit watching all day.

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    It won’t take you long to get the hang of it,and unless it’s an absolutely huge pond you’ll have it done within a few hours no problem,soooo much quicker than hand digging and unless your restricted to doing all the excavating from one position there’s no reason why you can’t dig vertical walls by positioning the boom/machine correctly

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    Way better to get an operator, he will do it easily in a day, you don't want to be in a position where you have backed yourself into a spot that you cant get the reach to dig it all out and then end up digging the rest by hand
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    A good “experienced contractor” should scan the ground for services prior to breaking ground but many don’t...

    How big is the pond?

    I would have a look around for a digger and operator that come together. Ive seen them between £200-£300 a day.

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    When I done mine I went for the Man with a Digger option. Avoided the big companies and went to local (Legit) small business from adverts on Gum Tree, Facebook and Yell. Colin (the guy I used) was well worth the money and achieved far more than i would of in a day. It all depends on your time scale and ground conditions. Remember you don't want to leave the ground works unsupported for very long or you risk the walls caving and slippage, not fully following this good advice (standard practice) cost me as I did have some small slippage and the shuttering I used the first time round was not man enough. In Feb 2016 I was paying £175 I think for a day 8-4. I was basically fitted in around the days his larger jobs didnt require him (house extensions/ driveways etc).

    I could of learnt to use the machine fine in a few hours but the skill is the speed at which you can safely operate both the normal use of the machine and next to an open hole. He was also able to level areas off far quicker then I could of learnt to do from his years of experience.

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    ~1.1m main depth and 1.6-1.7 under the walls I'd hope. ~12,000l not including the rear chamber.

    Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 10.24.06.jpg

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    Ours was done with a 3 ton digger with a experienced builder and it took him about a day, maybe six hours. We also had a 3 ton dumper to move the spoil to the front. Hole was about 4.6x3.6m and 1.3m deep, in a mainly heavy soil/clay.

    I could have done in about three times the time 😂

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