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    To renovate or fill in Koi Pond

    I am looking for some advice on what to do with our Koi pond....we moved in 12yrs ago and loved the pond but noticed it was leaking - for various reasons we decided to rehome the many Koi and drain the pond down. Fast forward 12yrs and it's still empty but now with lots of large cracks!!!

    So during lockdown husband has been busy clearing all the vegetation that had grown around and in the pond and now we face a dilemma...fix or fill in...we are on a fairly limited budget. I have been quoted £3500 to give it 3 coats of fibreglass? Another person said it would cost us thousands to fix. I am wondering if it might be something we can attempt ourselves.

    We have been looking online and seen there are various products you can roller on to seal it...assuming we might need to render the cracks first or add some kind of resin?

    The pond is kidney shaped, cement in ground, 19ft x 9ft 6in and depth between 3ft and 1.5ft. There is also a waterfall and a little top pond with a pump house. Can't seem to upload photos of it on here?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)


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    Whereabouts are you as someone off the forum might be able to come over and have a look for you?
    £3.5k seems steep just for glassing.
    Donít forget youíll have to add onto your coats filtration, pump, UV etc.

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    We are based south west london/surrey area

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    If youíre not desperate and can wait until beginning of June then Iíll come up and have a look for you as youíre not too far from me.

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