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    To renovate or fill in Koi Pond

    I am looking for some advice on what to do with our Koi pond....we moved in 12yrs ago and loved the pond but noticed it was leaking - for various reasons we decided to rehome the many Koi and drain the pond down. Fast forward 12yrs and it's still empty but now with lots of large cracks!!!

    So during lockdown husband has been busy clearing all the vegetation that had grown around and in the pond and now we face a dilemma...fix or fill in...we are on a fairly limited budget. I have been quoted £3500 to give it 3 coats of fibreglass? Another person said it would cost us thousands to fix. I am wondering if it might be something we can attempt ourselves.

    We have been looking online and seen there are various products you can roller on to seal it...assuming we might need to render the cracks first or add some kind of resin?

    The pond is kidney shaped, cement in ground, 19ft x 9ft 6in and depth between 3ft and 1.5ft. There is also a waterfall and a little top pond with a pump house. Can't seem to upload photos of it on here?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)


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    Whereabouts are you as someone off the forum might be able to come over and have a look for you?
    £3.5k seems steep just for glassing.
    Donít forget youíll have to add onto your coats filtration, pump, UV etc.

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    We are based south west london/surrey area

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    If youíre not desperate and can wait until beginning of June then Iíll come up and have a look for you as youíre not too far from me.

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    Not sure what happened there, forgot about the forum and 2 years have gone by! Update: We got the massive cracks rendered and painted the whole pond in Impermax rubber paint stuff (which cost a small fortune) and bought a pump and filter kit. Filled the pond finally a week ago (at another expense as Thames Water have since put a water meter in too ). Woke up the next day and a lot of water had gone, over the following few days a lot more water has leaked out. So we are back to square one and even poorer...weirdly the water level is lower than before when it naturally filled with rain water.
    Not really sure what to do now! I contacted a Pond company asking about getting them to fit a liner and they've ghosted me...wondering if once they saw the photos of the pond, they just thought headache! I can't even begin to get my head around how we would line it ourselves.
    We need to do something with the pond either way...we will probably need to sell our house in a few years and we can't sell it with a whacking great concrete hole! Does anyone have any ideas what we can do with it?
    Many thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigcarpchaser View Post
    Whereabouts are you as someone off the forum might be able to come over and have a look for you?
    £3.5k seems steep just for glassing.
    Don’t forget you’ll have to add onto your coats filtration, pump, UV etc.
    * filling any cracks
    * fibreglassing & topcoat
    * coping (on top of the fibre glass to stop water from going under it
    * water & air pumps, pipes, valves, filters, UV

    Runing costs
    * water pump and air pump, UV
    * medicine should you need to treat the fish

    I don't know the size of the pond but a 20,000 litres/hour variable pump uses 190W 24/7. Then add the air pump and UV power to that and you could be closer to 300W.

    Something to think about with the current energy costs.

    Plus sides are that it's a nice pond and relaxing all year around.

    On the fibreglassing you want to be sure you get at least two interlocking mats and a tissue layer on top - the interlocking mats give the strength using thick fibres and then the tissue is a thinner fibre and smooths out the fibreglass. Then a fish-safe topcoat with wax is then put on top.
    Depending on the weather you may need some protection from the elements during the laying of the fibreglass. As the epoxy is temperature sensitive, the weather temps play a big role. In hot weather the epoxy will go hard in the bucket quickly hence an experienced fibreglasser will help alot.
    The main thing is you should have any fibreglass bonded pipework in place or cracks filled, smoothed and the walls dry before the fibre glassing takes place - that includes fixing any ground water leaks.
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    The problem youíve got is that the large cracks are probably/potentially caused by subsidence/poor original construction,me personally I wouldnít want to spend good money on further improvements when the basic construction is likely poor,you might get away with a liner-easy enough to do yourself and doesnít cost a fortune and less likely to be affected by a bit of cracking

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    It would be a nice pond. It needs a liner or fibreglass now the cracks have been filled. I dislike pond paints for the reasons you've experienced.
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    Underlay & line it

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    Yes, expensive lesson learnt!

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    We've got a company coming in to give us a quote to line it....it seems like a big job to me. I have no clue how you line up a vertical wall for example! (under the waterfall bit).

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    Lining it with a liner is super easy- but you would get a nicer finish and avoid liner folds if you had a custom made box weld liner made to fit. At the top the liner needs to go underneath your coping stones or be fixed to the wall with something like stainless steel bands.

    It is definitely worth thinking through your budget though. A koi pond is expensive to build, filter and maintain. Koi are mucky creatures and produce a lot of waste. water changes alone on a meter are a costly preposition these days. What filtration are you planning?

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    I ran a pump fed liner in a pond with under matting for many years. They do eventually fail but they're easy to fix/maintain and a lot cheaper. The fish outgrew the pond prompting the move to build a larger pond.

    It could be the cheapest option at this stage.

    Fibreglass would also work but remember if the fibreglass is bonded to something that's moving it may crack the epoxy but more likely it would detach. I'm not an fg expert.
    Eco Pond: 13,000 litres, 20K+ lph Airlifts, 1300l anoxic, Solum 16. No pump. 58W total.



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