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    Problems aside mate, looking awesome! You'll get there in the end. GadgetBazza finally builds his pond!GadgetBazza finally builds his pond!

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    Wicked, looking good!

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    Very nice indeed

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    That looks the dogs bo____ks.

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    Hi chaps,

    a little video from the bottom of the filter pit today. Didn’t get out there for long today and had to spend the first 30-40 minutes pumping out as there’s no cover on it yet and we’ve had loads of rain! Hopefully I’ve explained where everything is going. Any questions or pointers to something I might have forgot appreciated.

    So I was hoping in the couple of hours I had today and approx 4 hours I have tomorrow to get 7 4” pipes and ball valves connected from the floor to the drum area. However progress in the 2 hours today suggests that ain’t happening! Having said that the 2 that I half did today were trouble because of all the build up of sealant and fibreglass around the leaky areas has partial blocked up my pipes so that I can get pipe in and boots on etc! So spent most of the time cutting it back with a multi tool! Fingers crosses I can plough ahead tomorrow!


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    Hi mate, I mean this with no disrespect, it just seems like a very strange setup, has anybody guided you with this way of filtration?
    Why have you not just got a filter room with your feeds straight into your drum, with pumps sitting next to them, and returned to pond? Why are all the pipes coming into the pit?

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    None taken, I appreciate the feedback. The design is all my own.

    In my view it is pretty similar to what you are describing. The bottom drains and skimmers all go straight to the drums (but you see them arrive from a depth of 1.8m down and the drums are only 500-600 tall, so they need to rise up to get there.

    the water will flow straight through the drums into the bio chamber which is part of the pond construction also and sits right next to the pond. Water will be pumped from the bio chamber back to the pond by one of two possible routes. The primary one is to use 4 x 4” airlifts from the bio straight back through the pond walls at near surface level. The other is via 2” pumped returns. The pumped returns will draw water from the bio chamber and return to the pond in a similar fashion.

    it may help to show an overall shot and describe the flow, I guess in most ponds you bring the bottom drains out right next to the pond, flow through your filters (maybe in parallel or away) from your Pond and then pump back. In this example the bottom drains are brought up 2m away from the pond at the back of the pit and go through the drums and bio in the way back to the pond of the makes sense.

    ill take another quick video as I’m buggering about out there in the wind anyways.

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    Here’s a video with a slightly wider perspective.


    do you see any issues with this?

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    Good progress.

    One thing that struck me is that you have not left much space to put the airlifts in. Especially in the top corner of the bio tank where you have three returns.

    I run one 110mm airlift on my pond in a tank that is 70cm in diameter and its a tight fit. The horizontal pipework is about 60cm.

    To make it fit better I tried one vent, but found you really need 2 otherwise the pond return belches air into the pond.

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    To be honest, everything in there is tight! But I hear you and not sure how well this will fit. Here’s hoping.

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