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    Non return valve placement

    Hi all,

    A quick plumbing question on non-return valves...
    My setup is as follows, as shown in pic;
    Twin portable bottom drains to
    3way splitter (to balance the drains) then on to Pump / UV / Filter, then back to pond.

    Currently the pump is submerged in the pond, but I want to dry mount this next to the UV and filter. Issue is that the pump will then be above pond water level (not feasible to change that at the moment).
    I think a 2Ē non return valve will sort out priming problems when doing filter clean etc. Eg this one:

    I think this should work ok, but Iím not certain where the NRV is best positioned. Or maybe it doesnít really matter as long as itís before the filter...?

    Anyone able to advise please?



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    Hmm, not sure...

    I have a basement with a sump pump and that has non return valves, but the pump is at the bottom of the sump and the non return values are just after the pump, this stops the water that's in the ejection pipes running back into the sump when the pumps stop. So not really comparable.

    Assuming there is no air leaks, then in theory, I guess it would work anywhere from the bottom drains (you'd need two obvs) and just after the pump. Personally I would think that maybe asking the pump to suck against a non return valve is going to retract the flow a little more?

    Could you purchase one and try it after the pump, if it doesn't work, move it before the pump and if that doesn't work, but a second one and put them down by the bottom drains?

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    Thanks Bazza, good idea. I have another concern now though...
    If I dry mount the pump there will be maybe 7metres of 2” hose from the pond to the pump. Will that cause an issue with flow rates even without the NRV?


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    Gut feel, I don't think the pump will be able to suck in the same way that it can pump. The only way I see you getting over this is if you mount the pump below the water level as this will effectively create a siphoning effect that will help. Given your original post suggests this isn't possible I think you may be stumped?

    Is there a particular reason you can't put the 3 way and the pump in the pond?

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    Yes unfortunately it isn’t possible at the moment, it would be a larger project and digging down below water level from pond to filter location would likely disturb roots of established plants which I am reluctant to do.
    The pump and 3way are in the pond at the moment, that works fine, but I wanted to tidy it up a bit.
    Thanks for the advice, good to have this information now!


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