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Thread: New pond build

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    New pond build

    Hi All,

    Been lurking for a while gathering information THANKS

    So started my build a few weeks ago following a house move in May,not had time to upload anything as busy decorating and competing. Fish currently on holiday in a 3meter by 2meter paddling pool.

    So here's a few pictures of progress so far

    its 4 meters by 3 meters approx. 1.6 meters deep 1 meter above ground.

    One bottom drain which is going to be connected to an nexus 220 return to a mid level

    One skimmer connected to my existing easy pod and a 55 watt UV on the return. return to a lower level ( just above ground level )

    As you can see from the pictures good progress made.

    just the bottom to screed and insulation to do before next Fridays glassing and the final coat of render for the outside.

    Hope there are not to many pictures.


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    Looks stunning mate well done

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    Yeah mate looks the biss

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    Great job. Looks brill. Reminds me of my build and design, very similar. How long until fish in!?

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    Looking fabulous already.


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    Fish in

    Quote Originally Posted by imc28 View Post
    Great job. Looks brill. Reminds me of my build and design, very similar. How long until fish in!?
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments, I have not done the work myself mate who owns a building firm has done it with guidance.

    Just a few little jobs before the fiberglass, finish off the render outside, and insulate next Thursday as fiberglasser scheduled for Friday.

    From what I have read on the forum I will need to wait 10 days then fill and check for leaks. Fingers and all toes will be crossed.

    Spend a good proportion of today glue sniffing lol

    Leave it for a week or so empty clean out and refill.

    As the fish are in a temp pond will put straight in and connect the easy pod up that is currently in use on temp pond.

    hopefully all parameters will remain reasonable.

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    Looks great, wish my build was bobbing along as quick, taking forever, Firms QT system will be up and running before mines finished

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