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    Question New Pond Project - Advise Needed :)

    Hi everyone

    I have finally been given the green light to build myself a pond, its only taken me nearly 3years to persuade the Mrs!

    So my idea is to build a pond out of 440x215x215 Hollow Dense Concrete Blocks 7.3N.

    The pond size will be approx 3m by 3m square, and around 0.8meters above ground level.

    • So as i am new to this my question is what mortar mix will i require when constructing my pond?
    • Will the blocks i have in mind be adequate for the job?
    • Would you also recommend filling in the blocks with cement once its all constructed?

    I will also be digging out a channel around the pond area to lay cement as the foundations of my pond so that my blocks have a level/strong base, so what do i construct this with? what cement and at what ratio's?

    I am extremely sorry for all the questions, but the simple Google trick does nothing for me and since i have spotted this forums its given me the opportunity to ask these questions with the experts as well as post my progress throughout the build!


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    Could you dig down any . A better depth would be more like 1.2m

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    I can dig down as much as is needed.. only 0.8m will be above ground level

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    the blocks will work fine especially if you put rebar rods into the concrete collar and then you can dry stack blocks then fill with a 3-1 mix,same as for your collar a 3-1 mix should be fine,,,,andi

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