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    Metric or imperial?

    Is it best to use metric 110mm pipe or imperial 4"pipe (114mm).

    I am trying to order a skimmer, pipework and BD and was just gonna order metric pipe, but then I got a quote back from JBR for the skimmer and they state that they only use 4" pipe.

    I will be using a QK35 drum filter and the dimensional drawing shows the inlets as 110mm but is this to accommodate the 4" pipe or the the 110mm pipe?

    Or does it not matter? Can I just shove a rubber connector between them?

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    I found that a minefield mate.

    You'll probably need rubber connectors on the drum outlets anyway so unlikely that would be a problem.

    In the end I bought all pipework and fittings from one shop just to be sure it would all fit.

    If you stick with a single type of pipe throughout the system, i.e black Solvent Weld or grey Pressure Pipe, everything should go together.

    I used black Solvent Weld, some pieces are advertised in metric, others in imperial, but they all fit together ok.

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    Imperial all the way, rubber connector on filter. 4" reducers are'nt that expensive if you decide to go that way?

    I've recently moved house and the pond hole is now dug, 4" airated bd, 6mtr x 4,3,2,1 pressure pipe and 3" skimmer all from JBR Plastics.
    They're only 20 mile down the road so i went and collected
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    As said above I would use rubber connections on all,as it gives a bit of Lee way when connecting up and it is a lot easier.
    That's what I did anyway.

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    Thanks for the input, 4" pipe and rubber connectors it is

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    Just a thought about rubber connectors - they are not all the same. Yes they will all work but some are better than others in as much as some are manufactured using EPDM and some are manufactured using more PVC. Flexseal (part of Fernco) manufacture the EPDM variety here in the UK and I think they are far superior to the likes of All Gain or multiple other foreign un-named manufacturers connectors, if you were to hold one of each in your hand you would soon understand why. Cheaper varieties are those which may split over time as they are more susceptible to the weather or chemicals and when all your water is running through them this could be a future disaster.


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