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    Help required, again! - blade width, skimmer query and wall topper adhesive.

    1. Does anyone have an rough idea as to the max blade width for a stainless steel spillway/veggie spout that will be fed by a fishmate 12000? I do realize that there are issues that can affect delivery i.e. head height and number of bends etc.

    2. Any suggestions of a recommended wall skimmer for just using as an overflow? I would need the ability to span a breeze block ( 210 mil - notice no cm's!) and possibility to adjust height.

    3. There are quite a few industrial adhesives out there that can be used to set wall toppers in place but not sure about the fish safety issue. I do not want to use gobbo as it seems to deteriorate over the years- at the waters edge. Advice?

    One problem that I have had is the tolerance of the breeze blocks that I have used. I went into the builders merchants here in Sheffield intending to purchase 7N's but was convinced by the guy behind the counter to use 4N's (red stripe as apposed to green) as he had on his koi pond. Getting the inner face plumb below ground was not a problem but when I got to ground level I noticed the outer face was not as plumb as the inner face. Feeling quite confused I measured some of the blocks (210 width - blocks flat) and found a difference of up to 6mm! I do know how to measure as I've spent most of my life working in microns (C.N.C). Maybe I should have stuck to the advice given on this site and used 7N's! I,m lucky that the outer face is going to be monocouched.

    Many thanks for reading this post and any help you may give me.

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    Hi 3 red building sand to 1 cement won't perish if mixed properly.
    7n concrete blocks are what need to build a pond with and the size difference is what us builders put up with!

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    i used cement on my old pond toppers and yes it did deteriate but seeing as i was using thisck 1ftx3ft paving slabs they were heavy enough to stay put,on new pond ive used fascia board and just screwed through lol,i know a few have used a decent adhesive like CT! or ms290 i think it is,as for skimmer a standard in wall one is about that sixe or draco have a new one that looks great and designed size wise just to replace a block,water blades i cant help as never had one,,,,andi



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