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    quick video of the tosai I added back in mid-May... yamabuki ogon, gin rin showa, shiro utsuri, gin rin hi utsuri and goshiki. They seem to be doing well... definitely grown a bit


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    Lovely fish . And that plant box is great reminds me why I wanted to do one might have to give it a thought again

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    cheers. i used Antel A1 pond paint to seal it in the end; 2 coats and had enough to do the outside too. First coat was grey, second one black so I could gauge coverage. I also used MS290 on all the joints after it had cured.

    You can't quite see it in the pic but there's an adjustable height overflow pipe in the front section, far right side, so I can by pass the blade. This works really well and I generally run the filter through this unless I'm going to be out in the garden or we have guests at which point I'll run through the blade. The overflow is quite noisy though... anyone got any hints to cure the gurgling?! I have some experience with twin standpipes, herbies etc from reef-keeping but a little rusty and just being lazy looking for a simpler solution if one exists.

    The koi are all from Ogata I am told... I'd love to add a couple more... definitely a doitsu chagoi. Currently feeding them twice a day using a P7000 autofeeder, and chucking in treats when I can... honey cheerios, silkworm... they seem to love ants too. I need to change my UV tube really as it's into year 2 and loosing some potency I think. I should have made it easier to extract the tube!

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