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    picture of pond yesterday

    Hi all,
    just thought I would share the pic I took of my pond yesterday afternoon when I threw a little food in as they were looking at me begging lol
    cheers eddy

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    very nice mate..... fish look happy with the sun!

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    Lovely pond, lovely water and lovely Koi. Thanks for picture. Eddy x

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    you have some nice koi mate . i so miss having a outdoor pond at times. thanks for show us your fish

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    Pond and fish looking good some nice sized fish you have there

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    Hi All,
    Thanks for all the nice comments but I cant take all the credit for the koi as the 3 really big one's was freebies but the smaller one's are some of the babies I have grown over the last 12 month's either in the pond or my grow on tank in the shed.

    here's hoping for some more nice weather so we all can enjoy our ponds & feeding the koi..

    cheers eddy

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    very nice Eddy

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    Guest whiskey1944's Avatar
    fabulous koi and the pond looks great too!

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    Koi Pond

    Beautiful koi, some of them are big enough.
    Enjoy with your koi pond.....

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    Have you been feeding them steroids mate??lol nice pond and fish:-)

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    Looking really good, how come you got sun? we had nothing but rain

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    Hi All,
    Thanks again for all the nice comments, peter the pic was taken in march when we had a bit of sun lol

    cheers eddy



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