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    Thanks Al for that info, only 2 more days left then i will end the posting of pictures and start the pole for this months voting.


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    I tried taking a picture tonight, what a waste of time . I will give it a go tomorrow and see if its any better now that I have read my camera instructions.


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    Need to find my slr

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    Well, it's not easy taking a picture at nigh time, will never make a photographer thats for sure.
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    Looks nice and warm in that polytunnel Angela
    1630 Gallon raised pond
    4" 'Avenue' bottom drain
    Estro sieve
    Econobead EB60 bead filter
    Sequence 18000 pump, 6000 pump on skimmer line
    Elecro 2kW in-line heater
    Evolution Aqua 70 air pump
    Standard wall skimmer
    Hozelock Vorton 55watt UV
    and some nice koi

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    Stunning pond is all i can say

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    Here is my night time pic.

    Not the best photo taken on my ipad
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    This thread/competition is a year old guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddyp View Post
    want to add my pond at night but dont know how to put pics on here . will try to sort it out !!!!!!!!!
    How about using Photobucket? It's easy to use and you can re-size your photos to fit on the forum. If you would like to know more I can post some instructions.

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    My pool at nite with the lights on

    My pool at nite
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    well here goes:

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIFE View Post
    well here goes:

    Had a play but cant get the photo to display


    Ah success


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    what was the secret dave?

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    This thread was bumped guys, it's from 2012.

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    Here's my pool
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtyler View Post
    Here's my pool

    Do you have any more showing the full shape / height and location

    1000 gal
    2 x Hozelock 6000ltr 9W UV
    Allpond Spin Filter 8000 11W UV
    Blagdon pond oxy 640 ltr/hr

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    Hopefully it's THIS November???

    Quote Originally Posted by tomtyler View Post
    Hi November


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