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My first pond build

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Hi all I'm soon moving to a new house we're I have plenty of room to build my dream pond, I'm going to build a raised wooden pond with a liner but also dig it a few feet deep as well, so I just have a few questions to get it all planned properly before I start,
1- I'm going to concrete a base under the walls of the pond with reed bar going through the walls to keep them strong and secure but would I need to concrete the bottom of the pond? Or would it be ok if I dug it deeper the laid 6 inch of sand and underlay in the bottom?
2- I've estimated that the pond will be 6500 litres so I'm going to go for a 8000/9000 litre pump just to be save but would I also need a air pump? And what make of pumps would you suggest?
Any advice is really appreciated
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