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CartYour cart is empty.Continue browsingShipping & taxes calculated at checkoutSexy Halloween Costume IdeasPosted by Jennifer D. Cornett onOctober 28, 2020With Halloween around the corner, sexy outfits are on everyone’s mind. With a sexy version of almost every costume out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking Halloween is a sex holilday!If dressing up gets your motor going, you might want to retire to the bedroom for some Hallow’s Eve fun. But why not keep the costume on? With the right sex toys, your Halloween outfit can become part of the action.We’ve put together some outfit ideas with the best Loveplugs toys to complete the look. Read on to find your perfect fit!Gothic PrincessEmbrace your dark side with our gothic princess look. Corsets, short skirts, does cbd gummies interfere with medications and dark colors combined with some dark eye make up can help you stand out from the crowd.Take this look to the next level by pairing it with our set of Jeweled do cbd gummies lower heart rate Shaped Butt Plugs. Set does cbd gummies interfere with medications a striking black gem to accompany your gothic look, this plug is exactly what you need to make you anything but a Princess in the bedroom.The Sly VixenFor a look you wont want to take trick or treating, how about the sly vixen? Pair some sexy red lingerie with a red wig an let out your inner vixen.For the X rated vixens out there, nothing completes the look better than a browny-orange fox tail butt plug. Use it to explore your wild side, or take advantage of the fluffy tail to tease and stroke your partner.The Alpha MistressIf you want an animal look you can wear in public then look no further than the alpha mistress. Combine sumptuous black gloves with the right mask and a black corset to look like the leader of the pack.Take this outfit to the next level by wearing leather clothing and a black wolf tail butt plug. Take advantage of sharp nails or a whip to show your dominant side and leave your mark on your prey.The Bitchy WitchWhat Halloween would be complete without witches cackling over their cauldrons. Grab a pointy hat and a dark cape and pair it with your sexiest lingerie to complete the look.Our favourite plug to pair with this outfit is our Black Silicone Inflatable Plug. Once you start to pump it up and fill your body, you’ll feel so light headed you wont even need your broomstick!Find all the toys you need to complete these outfits and more in our Halloween sale! Click the image below to shop now. ← Older Post Newer Post →Leave a commentPlease note, comments must be approved before they are publishedLove Plugs


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