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    Help identifying pond rescue

    Did a pond clearance at weekend and got some mosters, this being the biggest at just under 3ft
    Looks pink in vid but is white (phone had a funny turn)
    Any help in identifying what he is
    Many thanks in advance Screenshot_20210621-224030_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20210621-224038_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20210621-224049_Video Player.jpgScreenshot_20210621-224112_Gallery.jpg

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    Wanna say albino grass carp?

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    Him in the pond looking more white with different phone 20210621_224618.jpg

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    Great thank you I do have a black grass carp will check them both out together tomorrow
    Have a few more if you dont mind helping
    But rubbish pics at present

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    Any help with these new ones

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    Moving to bigger pond

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