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    Heron protection - fishing line?

    So Iíve been using netting over my pond using plastic piping to make an arch over the pond and put netting over it, it has worked to stop herons (no loss of fish since I did it) but itís very ugly looking and wanted to remove it. Does anyone know if using fishing line in some sort of zig zag or cross cross method over the pond works to stop herons from getting my koi?

    Interesting to see what other people have done Heron protection - fishing line?Heron protection - fishing line?

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    ...this is why lots of people build koi ponds 2ft out the ground with glass / perspex jump guards. To avoid the need for nets.

    I've not yet seen a nice one that would work.
    Check out Lee hadfield on you tube. He built a nice one as a temporary jump guard but it was probably too low to the water to stop a heron spearing fish through the gaps.
    Thumbnail of it here:


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