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    Koi For sale, Hampshire area

    Hi all, just putting some feelers out, looking to sell koi from a pond housed in a restaurant that no longer requires the attraction and don't really know where to begin, looking for advice and potentially sell

    full disclosure have only inspected pond once as of time of post, will update in due course further information.

    10-15 fish in the pond have seen all appear to be greater than 40cm or there about, a wide variety of colours and designs. the only photos i have of today are attached, depending on time scales for the restaurant they will be moved to a private owner for storage temporarily, at which point would be able to photo properly as I've seen other users do and potentially have a better time identifying the species, not going to move them without someone who knows what they are doing though

    like i said all, open to any help people could offer and potential discount for help and bulk buying would be available to a good home



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