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Thread: Fish for sale

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    Fish for sale

    Hi All,

    I know itís a bit late in the season, but Iím looking to move two fish on as Iím looking to reduce numbers.
    All my koi have been bought from Gatwick koi, and have original pics on website of fish. All have been through their strict quarantine procedures.
    Pond is 2300g with 10 koi. Aquasource drum and bio chamber and heated. Water parameters good.

    1st koi is a Yagenji Showa female, 45cm roughly, Nisai. Unfortunately itís lost a bit of Beni on its head so want to move on to a good home. Paid 595£ originally for it but if I could get 100£ Iíd take it. Still a nice fish.

    2nd is a Matsue Kohaku male around 48cm. Sansai. Nice fish, but Iíve got another male matsue kohaku that probably looks a bit too similar! Paid 450£, would like to try and get 200£

    Iím heated at 18c if anyone is interested. If not, Iíll try again next year and keep them to the next season. I donít know how to post pics on here so private message me and Iíll send a WhatsApp of them.
    Based in Basingstoke Hampshire

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    I'm always tempted by Kohaku but unheated, with no plans or the budget to change things.
    Good luck with the sales.
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    Some koi

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    Quote Originally Posted by g mac View Post
    I'm always tempted by Kohaku but unheated, with no plans or the budget to change things.
    Good luck with the sales.
    Stick it in your your quarantine tank and slowly take the temp down, you know you want too
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    Fish now sold subject to collection



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