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    Large koi for sale, can include pond/filter etc.

    Hi, we bought our house a year ago and the sellers left the pond and fish. We've enjoyed them for nearly 2 years, but I think they probably need a bigger pond/home to go to.

    There are 9 fish, all reasonable size, 1 dark one is fairly big but the red one is large.

    Tank is plastic, 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.8m. Wooden sleepers all around with decking top. Filter is a Biotec 10 and cleaned annually and pond expert uv clarifier has new bulb. water is clean and clear.

    We live in Essex so buyer would need to collect. We know they are valuable and therefore need an honest buyer to agree the price with. If anyone can help please feel free to give advice.

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    In the most respectful way, I wouldn't get your hopes up for a lot of money for the fish. Koi are only really worth what the buyer is willing to pay, and generally you are better hoping for a good home for them rather than a big payout. To have half a chance of getting any money from them you will need pictures of the fish in a bowl for clarity and information regarding age and breeder.

    Looking at the fish in the picture, there's nothing to suggest theres anything that would warrant much money for them at all, the tancho Goshiki 'may' be one of the better ones but from the pictures its hard to say as most the other fish would be regarded as pond fillers in my opinion.

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    Thanks for the advice, really appreciated.

    I'll take some pics of them to give a better view. A good home would be great, were not looking to make money, just a fair price and we have no idea of the type of koi or the value.

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    Bekko looks very red/sore maybe be some water issues some where

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    Being honest to sell on here they need to be high quality, 100% healthy, all bowled, photographed, variety, breeder, size, age etc, and even then its hard! Without being disrespectful those are just pond fillers, they will be difficult to sell especially at this time of year. Free to good home would be the best bet IMHO, good luck, but everyday gets colder and they become harder to find homes for.
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