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    Looking to sell 6+ Koi

    Having moved into a new house with a pond full of Koi, we want to sell them. Photos and videos posted. Don't know much (anything) about Koi but we have:

    > 2 grey
    > 2 Grey and Orange
    > 1 White
    > 1 Orange

    The orange one is around 20" long. The other's are a little smaller. I think there is also a much smaller one in there somewhere. Approx 12 inches long.

    Photo 27-04-2022, 16 05 58 (1).jpgPhoto 27-04-2022, 16 06 14.jpgPhoto 27-04-2022, 16 06 04.jpgPhoto 27-04-2022, 16 05 56.jpg





    Location - Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire. Nr Bicester

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    Location will help mate

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    Sorry, yes, that would help. Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire. Nr Bicester.

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    I think your have trouble selling these fish as they only look like pond fillers, your probably find it hard to give them away if being truthful. But good luck anyway.

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    Thanks, any idea what they are?



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