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    Large Koi set up and fish for sale


    We've moved into a house in Battle, East Sussex with a large Koi Pond (c. 15,000 litres+) and 30+ Koi. We would like to sell the lot to a good home.

    Fish-wise there are approximately:
    5 approaching 24"
    Perhaps another 12 that are around 18"
    Another 10 around 12" and
    Perhaps another half dozen that are 6" plus

    5 bay Kockney Koi filter - vortex and brushes together, plus separate 3 bay with mats, sponges and plastic tube lengths
    EvolutionAqua Evo110 twin UV tubes
    Pump - possibly a Hailea?
    Plus all pipes and connections back to a waterproof fuse box

    We're keen to find a buyer that can safely remove all the fish. Would consider selling all the fish and all the equipment separately. We can help dismantle the equipment.

    Interested to find a buyer here and also any views on what we should sell for.
    Happy to answer questions, send more pics, videos etc

    Thanks for reading

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    Interested in uv once fish have been moved

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    Thanks but hoping not to split

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    Quote Originally Posted by BattleSimon View Post
    Thanks but hoping not to split
    To be honest it is not likely anyone on here would want everything, most are enthusiasts that may upgrade 1 item if theirs is getting tired or as a backup /spare

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