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    Question Wanted - Supplier of Filter Sponge for DIY Filter?

    Hi All

    I have pretty much completed the pond and have temporary filtration running at present.

    I've now moved on to my DIY Sieve and Mechanical/Bacterial Filtration units.

    Can anyone suggest a source of larger sheets of Filter Foam in Course and Medium?

    I'm looking for 550mm x 400mm minimum, and preferably 50mm+ thick.

    I can find various suppliers, including finerfilters.co.uk, bradwellsdirect.co.uk etc. but none seem to to do the sort of size I want, and what they do sell seems rather pricey for the size (a lot of 17" x 11", but I need 21" x 16", but need to fill my 500mm deep bays, so I will need a LOT of layers of the thin stuff that is available in that sort of size.

    Ideally just want to find a sponge supplier who can do sheets of pond safe filter foam so I can cut it to suit my needs.

    Any thoughts?

    I know many of you will tell me to abandon any thoughts of DIY filters and just buy a good setup, but this is the joy of the hobby for me, I don't care too much about the fish (I do of course care for them), but I do enjoy all the technical challenges and "man cave projects" that keeping good water entails.

    Once the filters are set up, I will be producing a full remote monitoring and management system using a barrage of sensors and activators, driven by an Arduino computer, and reporting directly to my smartphone.

    One step at a time though, so Filter Sponge is this weeks challenge.

    Help please.

    Cheers all


    11750 Ltr Block built Raised and Sunken pond
    Grey Fibreglass lined
    2 x 900mm x 450mm windows
    2 x bottom drains with 4" pipework (will Gravity feed new filters)
    Yamitsu Widemouth Skimmer
    Kockney Koi KF4000 4 bay filter
    Blagdon Midipond 20000
    Laguna PressureFlo 8000 pressure filter
    Yamitsu 110w UV

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    Have you tried finest filters in Prescott they have big sheets of foams which they use and if you go and pick up and use cash always cheaper than what they sell online

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