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    Koi requiring new homes due to bereavement

    Sadly due to a recent bereavement we are forced to re home my late fathers Koi. They are situated in Waltham Abbey Essex and we believe there are approximately 25 altogether. They are all quite sizable fish between 12"& 18" long. We are very anxious that they are re homed with somebody who understands and enjoys the fish as much as my father did and they will continue to have as much enjoyment from them. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi there, I would be interested in a couple of them if you don't mind. I cannot take the whole lot but maybe 1 or 2 Maybe RS2000 could assist too

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    Hi there, thank you for replying to my post, I have been contacted by another member who has kindly agreed to come and view them tomorrow with a view to taking them all for his personal use and also distributing them amongst some of his friends who are starting out with the hobby. If for any reason the gentleman changes his mind I will most certainly get in touch as all the help is really appreciated at such a difficult and emotionally sensitive time. Many thanks, Ian

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravesendkoi View Post
    Hi there, I would be interested in a couple of them if you don't mind. I cannot take the whole lot but maybe 1 or 2 Maybe RS2000 could assist too
    Unfortunately I'm 2 koi short of being fully stocked in the main pond with 1 koi due for delivery at Christmas and 4 fry growing fast, 2 or 3 of which will will need new homes next year - Let me know if these interest you for next year Gravesend Koi, photos on the fry development thread.

    Funnily enough a guy approached me at work today asking if I knew anyone getting rid of any Koi (no idea what pond he has or if he's ready for them immediately)..... If you don't find homes for them let me know and I'll message him.

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    Thanks for all the collective effort, I really do appreciate it. I am a little taken back by what a great group of people are on this forum. If I'd known there was so many helpful people out there I might have retired the motorbike and built a pond myself. Many thanks, Ian

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    There’s still time Ian
    Wrong time of year for me unfortunately. I have room for another 6 or so fish in the spring. My pond and filters have only been going for a few months so wouldn’t want to overload anything right now.
    If you google “Des Harris Koi” he might be able to help you shift some if you’re struggling.

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    Thank you bigcarpchaser, another very helpful tip and one we shall certainly take advantage of if we run into difficulties. Many thanks, Ian

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    Hi Ian
    Condolences on your loss . Sadly , too far for me .

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    are the fish still looking for a good home?

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