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Thread: Koi for sale

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    Koi for sale

    We have 14 koi, various sizes from 8-15 inches approx. for sale. They are currently living happily in a medium sized well established pond, just outside Oxford. Japanese and Israeli origin, English bred.
    Largest fish with good colour in markings £350.
    Three medium sized 13-14 inch approx.) Lots of white with some spots of red and black, one has red markings only on its head. All for £400.
    The rest another £250, various markings and colours.
    open to offers

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    Pics and prices would prob help you sell them

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    And an idea of which part of the country.

    Is it a heated pond, or not.

    Not the best time of the year now that the temperatures are falling,

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    I live just outside Oxford.

    Agreed. But cooler temperatures at least mean more docile fish.



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