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    Koi & Equipment In Essex

    Unfortunately I no longer have time for my koi, having moved out and no one else in the family can be bothered with the poor sods.

    Sad times but I need to sell or give away the fish and get rid of the equipment.

    Equipment wise I’ll start at the beginning, we have:

    4” Valterra Bottom Drain. Needs new deals £20

    Kockney Koi 10,000V Filter. This is the one with vortex and 4 chambers.
    Decent brushes in first two bays, Jap mat on the third bay, 4th bay has been modified to run K1. Looking for £300 ono.

    Will PP the whole filter and media once koi are gone for peace of mind to new buyer.

    Superfish 12000 Pump in good nick, just over a year old £100

    KK yamitsu Pump 10000. Dry mounted. £30

    Aquamax 8000 dry. Spares or repairs it has run dry and the impeller has seized. £10

    Nitto Kohki MEDO 45. One needs a new piston/ring kit. The other one is running fine.
    Both have new filters.
    £45 for the one needing new piston.
    £75 for the other one.
    Both have the plugs if I remember correctly.

    Roto Innovations Shower (Grey) with Crystal Bio.
    About two years old and in good condition. All pipework present. Came from koi logic.
    £300. Again will PP before sale.

    Brunel SP25 microscope. Mint condition. Loads of slides and cover slips included.

    Yamitsu 30W UV around 1.5-2 years old. Bulb in there is original and Have a spare Phillips bulb. £70.

    Lots of ball and slide valves if wanted.

    Now the koi:

    Kohaku around 12” really great skin, colour and body shape. £40. Japanese.

    Kujaku around 12”. Again good skin and colour, nice shape. Japanese.

    Big scaley mirror carp. Around 12”+ Unknown origin.

    Doitsu Sanke. Long but slim probably male. £20

    An old yellow Ogon. Free

    Small doitsu blue koi, some sort of mixed variety.

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    Hi, interested in the Kohaku and Kujaku, do you have pictures?

    Where abouts in Essex are you? Don't suppose you have oxygen?!

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    Hi @LeeM

    Yes have oxygen.

    Will get pics in a bit.


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    Hi, sorry to hear this.

    Do you have any 4” or 2” ball valves ?

    also is the Superfish dry mounted ?

    just in the construction stage at the moment


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    Hi could you pls pm me pics of the koi? Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by Brad93 View Post
    Hi @LeeM

    Yes have oxygen.

    Will get pics in a bit.


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    Is any of this still available.

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    hello Brad do you still have the super fish pump?Which model is the pump?thanks

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