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    Nexus 300 + draco

    Hi all. This is my first post here so forgive me if anything is wrong.
    In the next week or so my nexus 300 and draco drum will be up for sale. The draco is only about 15 months old and never been used outside. The outlet chamber of the nexus has been modded so a pump could be ran from there but this is easily blocked off.media is not included in the price although I do have about 250 ltrs of helix which I will sell also.
    Many thanks ed
    I'd like £1100 for these.

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    What size drum gph is it rated for and how much on its own

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    I'm not going to split them up as I need them both gone.

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    Can you just let me know what gph it’s suitab for though and your location

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    Hi. Its 3700 gph. I'm located in banbury oxon ox16.
    Regards ed

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    Nexus 300 + draco

    Drop in Drum, Origin Range

    You mean which model is it?

    Sellers note, itís always useful to post your location (even roughly).
    Gives potential buyers at least a heads up whether to bother asking

    Edit ...Beat me to it

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    Any chance of some pics please

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    Hi. I've only just seen your post.
    I'm on nights atm so I'll take some tmrw for you.
    Regards ed

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    How do I add pics???

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    I don’t know

    im nights as well lol

    if I’m correct on my little research I just done, the Draco sits in the centre chamber of the nexus ?
    what model is it please

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    It's a draco origin. Yes you remove the easy and fit the drum in its place. .bigcarpchaser has posted a link above and you can also find it on YouTube.
    Regards ed

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    Here's my number. Hope this is allowed.
    May make comms easier



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