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    4 Koi and 1 Goldfish free to good home

    Unfortunately my pond has developed a leak, and due to the expense of having to both set up a temporary system and then the effort and cost of fixing it, after many years I've decided it's time to call it a day and so I need to find a good home for my 4 koi and 1 goldfish.
    The Koi range from 18 to 24 inch and from 15 to 25yrs old, and I've not added any fish in about 10years.
    To give a better idea of sizes, the tub they are photographed in is 63cm internal on the long edge.
    The Goldfish does have a growth on one side and is blind in one eye as well, but has been perfectly happy for many years.

    I do not have the means to transport them, so they would need to be collected from the Wylde Green area of Sutton Coldfield.

    Hoping to find them a good home.


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    Good luck finding them a new home.

    They all look strong and healthy.

    Can be challenging for the Koi having a sudden environment change after so many years and having not had contact with other koi for so long. Its not uncommon for old koi to struggle so it might be ideal for them to go to someone with a brand new pond that hasn't yet held other fish. The risk in that scenario is finding someone experienced enough to safetly bring them through the nitrogen cycle (NPS).

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