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    Free koi and Comet.

    Just trying to help out by moving these on for the neighbour of a client of mine. They currently look very healthy (Comet if thatís what it is has a growth on side but seems fine), but they are in a tiny pond. Heís very aware that they need to be somewhere more appropriate and is keen to give them a new home. No payment expected.

    Will need to be collected with appropriate transport equipment from St Albans, Herts. Message me and Iíll put you in contact to sort out the details yourself.

    Estimate 12Ē or so each in length.

    Many thanks.

    57EE7945-DBBC-4F28-9F0E-2A8F4245A071.jpeg 9AE6E6DB-67E6-4F70-924C-BFBED4D7FD81.jpeg

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    Hi are these still available
    Regards Sean

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