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Thread: kOI FTAGH

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    Hi, I am considering giving up on my fish having spent nearly all of last year and this so far battling health problems in my pond.....mostly bacterial. yesterday I lost my biggest and favourite fish and am now down to half what I started with.....It was kind of the last straw for me.....and the wife has been nagging me about using the pool as a swimming pool instead.

    In the interests of full disclosure, you will of course need to treat and quarantine the fish - I thought they were on the path to recovery, as I have not had a death for at least 2 months and the last 2 health checks found no parasites or bacteria. last check was around 6 weeks ago. They all looked fine to me, although two still had healing lesions.

    They are not show quality fish, but are nice, some have healing wounds one has healing mouth rot and one has some carp pox, but generally, OK. I cant ask any money for them in the light of this, but would be happy to know they are going to a good home where someone can hopefully persevere.

    There are around 12 Goldfish and Shubunkins, nice sizes, and all these are perfectly healthy. Around 10 Koi.

    Can post pictures if there is any interest.......

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    Sorry to hear that you are considering calling it a day but no one here can imagine how it has affected you and it must of been hard for you to consider this action

    so All the best and hope the fish get a good home.

    too far for me pal
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    If I remember right you have a really nice pond and some nice Koi.

    Is there any chance you can be persuaded to keep the pond going?

    There's not much people can do in view of lockdown unless you call in a koi health specialist, but I'm sure whatever it is can be resolved.

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