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    Grand Champion Interkoi Show Rheinberg 2011 (germany)

    Yes, they have done it again! Once unknown as ordinairy hobbyists they had won the 2010 Grand Champion title, and now they do it again! Grand Champion at the 2010 Interkoi with Cleopatra II and later in the year they won Grand Champion award at the National Koi and Pond Days in Appeltern with Geisha II. What a dream scenario, three times Grand Champion in just over one year time! This Sanke, bred by Sakai Fish Farm (SFF), is 85 centimeters long and gosai (in its fifth year of life). In October 2008, this graceful Sanke was purchased by ít Viske the SFF auction. At that moment she was 71 centimeters long as a sansai. The oyagoi of this fish is the famous SFF Sanke parent Koi named Hiryu.

    read the complete article at KoiQuestion
    And all the other Major awards can be found here atKoiQuestion


    Tiebo Jacobs
    Team koiQuestion

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    Greetings Tiebo

    Thanks for the information.


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    Happy to share

    Hi there Laz,

    I'm more than happy to be able to share this information! I also did an interview with the winner, which I will post later on if that's ok.



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    Yea that would be great. We have a section on the forum for koi industry news. I will move this thread there


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    hello laz, great work mate, hope your and family are well (sorry for posting here )

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    nice fish but i thought for a great sanke you first needed a great kohaku pattern and this one wouldnt quite make that imo, the kohaku pattern is very good but not amazing.
    Can a pro please explain, i know im wrong because you dont become grand champ wrongly bypassing many expert judges along the way, so what am i missing ?



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