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    Now itís Costa?


    i have had fluke, which I have treated twice, but fish stil not right, two 25 cm,s died.

    tested and itís cositia

    the treatment formalin and malachite need a min temp of 12c. At the moment temp is 9-10 c in my unheated pond.

    i have treated the pond with pp? To try and hold the little!! Back.

    is there anything else I can do until the temp is right for the treatment drugs?

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    I had a similar problem back in Feb.

    My call would also be a round of PP now, to knock back the Costia, and generally reduce the bacteria load.
    Esp if they are sitting on the bottom,

    Once things warm up 12/14c warmer is better, I would go for Acriflavine and Malachite (three rounds), rather than regular M & F.

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    Thanks for your reply.. I fellow member of our club has brought over his emergency tank and a heater,
    we have all the fish in the tank, plus air stones and am warming the water up to about 14 in my garage.

    tomorrow they will get the treatment as discribed.

    mean while the empty pond , bog garden, fillers etc are over dosed in pp.

    the plan is to leave fish, out of the pond for five days.

    in the mean time it was suggest that I treat the pond for blanket weed.

    fingers and everything else crossed.

    hopefully the scraps in a weeks time will be ok

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    Sounds like a good course hope it works ok for you.

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    Thanks for your comment.��



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