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    Treating other species

    Hi all,

    I had a parasite problem in my pond a few weeks ago. I have 6 koi and a few rudd.

    I moved the rudd out before treating the parasites for tric/whitespot but I would like to reintroduce them at some point.

    How would I do this considering most treatments are for only koi friendly ?

    Many thanks

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    What treatment are you considering / have already done? If you’ve removed the Rudd before adding treatment and add them back in later (without them being exposed to treatment) - the Rudd still carry the same parasites and by reintroducing them to the pond you’re back to square one - parasites from Rudd will reinfect koi

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    I had tric in the pond so I moved the rudd back to another pond at another location currently so I could do PP. So I am presuming they are covered in tric still?

    When I move them back and put into my QT I'll do scrapes from there to see what I can find.

    I have a QT vat on order which I will keep inside my shed so I can bring the rudd back onsite to monitor but I want to make sure they are clear of parasites before reintroducing as like you said I dont want to go back to square one.

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    So I can see two issues here:

    - The rudd got moved to another pond - what we don't know is if that pond has own problems /parasites, and say the rudd got infected with new parasites (be it costia or flukes) - you certainly won't want to risk them passing these new bugs to the koi

    - As for treating rudd for tric, you could consider doing a conservative dose of FMG (https://www.koiforum.uk/koi-hospital...tricodina.html ) in your QT. Plenty of air and keep an eye on them - if things go wrong do a big water change straight away.

    What I try to do with my own koi is to let them find a balance with some parasites (gill flukes are perhaps the only exception) - a few trics shouldn't bother healthy koi in warmer water temp and good water parameters. I personally believe a balance needs to be found between 'exterminate all parasites' and 'stressing koi with overdose/prolonged treatment'.

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    All the koi/rudd were my Grandads so I moved them all to my new pond at my house then I started having problems so I moved the rudd back to my grandads temporarily whilst I sorted out the tric.

    Now I have things under control (hopefully) with the Koi I was planning on moving the rudd back at some point.

    The QT is only a smallish tank so it'll only be a few at a time anyway(QT is around 125-150litres), I know I'll need to rescrape to reassess first but because they were moved out with tric I'm expecting them to still be covered in tric.

    That's why I wanted to see what everyones thoughts were.



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