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    Goldfish with big growths (Neurofibromas)


    I've had this gold fish for at least 6 years.
    I'd say around 4 years ago he started getting some lumps on him . The big one on his head seemed to say the same size for 2 years .
    In the last 3/4 months its doubled in size and in the last few days its looking really ragged with blisters (when it used to be smooth).
    Its also started bleeding a the base.
    Apart from that he's always been (and still is) a happy fish. Ironically he was named the "the beast" long before he developed the lumps.
    What do you think I should do with him if anything ?
    Both his eyes are OK.


    PXL_20221113_111051775.jpg PXL_20221113_111056617.MP.jpgPXL_20221113_111108822.jpg

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    Well, he’s not very ornamental is he
    If he is still feeding without difficulties and able to swim where he wants to go, I would leave him be. But if the size of his growths is impacting his quality of life, he might be requiring a clove oil overdose soon.

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    A couple of different types of tumour removal.

    Personally I would not be going down the clove oil route for a healthy fish, but if quality of life is being impacted, after establishing the type of tumours they I'd attempt removal, not all in one go though!



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