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    Moved and brought my Koi. some not making it. :(

    I lived in MA, the house we bought had a koi pond, probably around 1000 gallons. I had bought 14 Koi over the 7 years we lived there and some grew to 12-18" . I didnt know much but i tested the water, changed the filters etc. I used a De-icer in the winter. the fish all did well. I Decided when it was time to move, I would try and bring them with me. I had a plan and most of it worked. I got a bunch of 30 gallon totes, used portable aerators, filled them with pond water. put a few fish in each and drove straight to SC. When I got to SC i had a blow up pool waiting but no filtration. I did water changes with well water everyday for a week, and all of them still looked good. The next step was a 10' round pool with a filter, until I get my pond ready. the filter is the same filter I used in my old pond, but brand new. The new house has town water, so i filled it with about 1000 gallons of town water, added the pond conditioner. I tested the water and all looked good. I moved the fish yesterday morning. they seemed fine all day. But when I woke up, 3 were dead. and 1 was barely alive.

    Im wondering what to do. I'm sure I made some mistake somewhere, if anyone has any input that would be great. I may try to moved some back to the well water to see if they improve.
    I am wondering if a new pool has some chemical on it or something. I didnt think about this until today. I am going to bring some water to the pet store today to get it tested by them.
    Depressing, I lost my favorite fish. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    What was the pH difference between the well water and the tap water?

    And the water hardness difference as well?

    What pond conditioner did you use?

    Was there plenty of oxygen going into the pool?

    And what was the pool used for previously, could there have been any contamination?

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