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Thread: Koi Pox

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    Koi Pox

    Hi all, I hope you are well. Was hoping someone may be able to advise on Koi pox. For those fish that have it, can it stunt their growth? Its possible he was just a runt as I picked him up from an aquatics centre but having had him for a year he hasn't even grown a cm. He's only about 3 inches. Seems a happy chap as he'll beat the bigger koi to food.

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    Not sure about the stunting from carp pox, i doubt it though.

    Some fish just don't grow well, I've purchased multiple fish from the same spawn several times. I currently have 2 kujaku, 1 is nearly twice the size(Not measured them and have no reason to, but ones probs 30cm+ and the others probs 50cm+) of the other after a couple of years and the both live in the same pond. I also have a Kumonnryu and a few kikokuryu that are about 5 years old and probs only 25cm if they are lucky

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    Ditto. I have random pond spawned rescues that are 2foot long alongside Japanese tosai that now at 3years old are 23cm and 50cm.
    Koi is a numbers game. Most are destined to be one of either big or beautiful. Getting fish that are both big and beautiful is rare and therefore expensive as the breeders and dealers are better at spotting them than we are. There's still plenty that can go wrong even after they've invested time and money, so it's another good reason why good grown on fish cost vastly more than picking a fish out of a pond of tosai.

    ...plenty of nice fish come out of those tosai mixes tho!
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    Plenty of evidence in my pond that some koi don't grow.

    A Sakai (All jumbo bloodlines) Kohaku that's taken 5 years and many kilos of food to reach 44cm.

    And a Shusui that's taken 5 years to reach 38cm, but she's never been a big water.

    Then a Kirin that jumped from 23cm to 45cm in a year where the pond had problem after problem!

    Also remember there's a reason why some koi end up at aquatic centres instead of koi dealers.... All the runts of the spawnings that pass the first couple of selections have to go somewhere and could well end up in cheap batches of fish supplied to garden centre and aquatic centre chains.

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