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    Severally battered koi

    Iím absolutely beside myself. After re-pluming of my filter system. I found that somehow, probably the sudden surge of water rushing back in, my 40cm chocolate chag was sucked into my drum filter and probably churned over a few times.

    The only way possible was threw a skimming which I had the baskets out of (because of a blanket weed issue) Ö Iíve put back in now. I donít think for a moment this could happen.

    He seems pretty beaten up and Iím heart broken. He has lost most of the lower half of his tail. And the back end of his dorsal fin with some scrapes to the nose and faceÖ. He also looks like he has bruising on both his flanks.

    Heís back in the main pond as I have now are else for him tonight; but heís now being chased around by some of the others.

    Does anyone have any advise on what I can do to treat his wounds to help him?

    I assume he will be deformed for life. So sad!

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    How awful

    Maybe salt baths, if that won't stress him too much more.
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    I'm fairly sure that parts of fins and tails can grow back but may need to be treated first to clean the wound.

    I had a koi a few years back with an exposed ray on it's pectoral fin which was snipped off cleaned up and the fin grew back again.

    The guy that did it referred to it as a ray but to me it looked more like a bone or cartilage? What he cleaned it with was what appeared to be an iodine? based liquid and then he may have sealed it with another liquid? It was too long ago for me to remember now so the details are a bit sketchy.

    Good luck with your Chag. I'm guessing it wasn't a big one or it would have wedged in the pipe like a cork and you could have lost some water from the pond
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