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Thread: Tumour

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    My poor fish has what I believe to be a tumour. it is growing rapidly. I live in North London and wonder if there is anyone that may be able to remove it. He is eating and swimming normally. Thanks.

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    I would be grateful for any suggestions at all. If removal isn't possible, what should I do?
    I am concerned for his welfare. I would hate to think he is suffering.

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    Hi, need few better photos in a bowl. Is it growing from the gill?
    Only a very experienced koi guru would attempt to remove it.

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    Yes from the gill unfortunately.

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    I had a koi that developed a tumour on its Gill.

    It grew very quickly and there wasn't much I could do for it. It lasted about a year with the tumour.

    In the end it only had one Gill working and I suspect it died once the water temps started increasing and the dissolved oČ levels started decreasing, causing it to be starved of oxygen with only the one Gill working.

    I planned to put the fish down once it was showing signs of distress.

    However it was fine, eating and swimming about one minute, then I noticed it just sitting on the bottom for a couple of days and then it died very suddenly before I could put it down.

    So whilst things may pan out differently for your fish, (and it's possible a vet might be able to successfully remove it?) I'd say expect things to go down hill quickly for your fish once there are signs it's struggling.

    So if it stops eating, is sitting on the bottom not moving or is constantly gulping for air, it's probably time to put it down.

    You can put the fish down very quickly and humanely. All you need is a bottle of koi sedate, most koi shops sell it under different brand names.

    Fill a tank that the fish will fit in and dose the water with 10 times the standard dose and put the fish in the tank and leave it to become sedated. Once the koi is under, its Gill movements should gradually slow down and then stop.

    Just to be sure, I'd leave the fish in the water at least an hour once it's gills stop moving just to make sure it has passed away.

    Ideally do this the night before your bins are collected. Once the fish has passed away I'd bag it up and then put it in with your general waste. It's not exactly a dignified or sentimental send off for your pet, but will save you finding a half eaten fish carcass on your lawn after a fox has dug it back up.

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    Thank you Twhitenosugar that is very helpful.

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