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    Any help appreciated

    Recently saw koi flashing so scraped and found fluke and treated with Lernex . Almost two weeks later this small koi found near surface . Tried scraping and found what looks like a starfish ? Maybe 5 fluke feasting in one area ??
    Also noticed koi had stuff coming from its mouth, a white sore on its mouth and red spots on its tail fin.
    Donít want rest of koi catching anything - any ideas ?

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    Here’s a couple of images
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    That looks pretty gruesome.

    Not sure what to say about the star fish shaped thing. It doesn't look like the flukes that I've viewed through my microscope but maybe the pic is not that clear an image.

    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along soon. Wish you luck getting it sorted.

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    thanks GMac - i'm guessing the sores are bacterial - saw it jumping out of the water the other day as the fluke treatment might've been slow to act given the temperature of the water (around 10 deg). Tried it in salt water but too far gone I think.

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    i have had a couple of fish with mouth rot the same as that one in the picture. over the years. i also have a heated qt to help.
    there cured now and i still have them. and one of them lost the skin on the bottom of the lip. it grew back.
    i used PP in a cup 1 teaspoon full. then added warm water to about 3\4 of the cup. cotton buds. dabbed the mouth inside and outer lip.
    of the affected areas. being careful not to let it run anywhere else. towel roll as well. to dab off any over run.

    the 1st time i did this i put the fish to sleep. other times i did nt bother. i did it in the net in the QT
    i had also to help qt heat set to 23c and over 3 days added salt to the qt. 0.3% to start with. then after 3 days upped the salt to 0.6%.
    i dapped the pp in twice in the 1st week. then twice more the following week. there all well and healthy now 3 years later.

    the problem if going back in the pond is if there is any crap in the pond they will rummage through the crap. and your back to square one
    while you know a qt is clean if maintained correctly. and will not get reinfected. heat and salt speeds healing up as well. i also treat fin and tail rot the same way.
    after trimming.
    hope this helps fred.

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    Yeah it’s definitely mouth rot. Are you geared up to provide heat for this fish to heal? If not then it’s going to be very bad news at this time of year.
    Heat and salt to 0.6% are a good place to start, and treating the area topically with an antibacterial.

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