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    hi yes thankyou
    when I get them out to inject ,I use cleaner ,before injection and sealer after and anti bac spray and either sealer or the powder and sealer or propolis depending on what I think best at the time .being careful to avoid eyes and gills but yes I like propolis too.

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    hi feline can you help.
    I now have two indoor 100gal QTs.
    I have 15 small fish in one that has had antibiotic food because one of them was ill.
    and one QT that just came yesterday which am sorting out with lid, pump, filter ,and heater which just came. intending to move 2 large poorly fish from outdoor pond and bring indoors with cse of injections. raise temp and salinity. as you know.

    this is the tricky bit.....
    whilst sorting out QTs and moving all small fish from one to the other I discovered 4 or 5 of them have small red streaky fins. one has bulgy eyes they are about 3inch long fish. poorly marks weren't there a week ago.
    I have separated the poorly fish. into very temp accommodation.
    its like one of them really hard exam questions. could I ask what would you do. I was contemplating putting all poorly fish together, raising temp to 24c, raise salt like you said and see what happens. I have injections for big fish. I have small amount of baytril about 3ml (possibly 5ml at a push) I could add to food for small fish. and dab with mg.
    what do you think ?
    although they where fed antibiotic food for a week. with them being the smaller fish they might not have gotten sufficient of the antibiotic food
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