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Thread: Bumped scale

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    Bumped scale

    Hi! I have a koi that seem to have 3 damaged scales, all on one side (pictures). He is active and feeding well. Do you guys think that any action need to be taken or let it heal naturally while keeping an eye on it?

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    Hi mate - In it’s current condition and given the weather is warming up, assuming no water quality or koi behaviour issues I would keep an eye on
    it for a while rather than intervene.


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    As an update the fish is still active and feeding well but the scales do not look better yes and some inflammation is still visible. Water parameters are fine and a mucous scrape turned out clear (as far as I could see). As it has not improved yet however, I have bought a kusuri topical treatment kit and plan to sedate and remove the affected scales and seal the area tomorrow.

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    As a further update I've removed the affected scales and treated the skin and he came too very easily. Probably the messiest job you've seen but it should hopefully work.

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    Well done Kevin you have done a good job .

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