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    Wound / Disease ID

    I've got 3 koi in a large pond. They began surfacing several weeks ago as the weather improved and are spending more and more time out. I noticed one of them has sores on its head. They appear black with white in the middle. The fish seems okay otherwise; no problems swimming, spending time with others, eating etc.

    I've checked all the pond parameters and seem to be okay. There is a bit of sludge on the sides of the pond which I've just started to treat with envii sludge clear and it seems to be clearing quickly.

    1) All water parameter readings
    PH = 8.3
    Ammonia = 0.5
    Nitrate = 0
    Nitrite = 3
    Phosphates = 1
    KH = 109 ppm

    2) give details of your set up
    Approx 3000 litres
    2 x pumps (unsure of make / model)
    1 x waterfall
    Oxygenators, lilies, several marginals

    3) length of time the pond has been running
    Approx 18 months

    4)Also include info on any new fish
    No new fish

    5)Stocking rates (number of fish and sizes " aprox")
    3 x Koi approx 12 inches
    1 x sturgeon approx 12 inches
    Wild frogs, toads and newts etc


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    Ok here goes...………...I am no expert, but 3000 litres = is more or less 659 UK gallons ( me thinks ) and absolutely no good
    for koi let alone a sturgeon, Sturgeons need loads of air. Any filter system Becky ? the heart of any good koi pond and a must .
    Anyway people who know what their talking about will be along soon, please don't take anything negative to heart that could be said.
    The marks on the fish look like ulcers to me Sorry to be so negative but maybe your pond would be more suitable for Goldfish,
    and their as tough as old boots...……..

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    The ammonia and nitrite level needs sorting asap

    Do you have any filtration?

    If the fish don't die they will grow, the pond is not 'large'

    That you have ability to take measures of the water is good. But they need acting in. Smaller fish or bigger pond.

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    I’m inclined to agree with Anne. Koi are better suited to larger ponds and Sturgeon (unless Stertlets) larger still. That said, I do know of a modestly sized pond locally that is not much larger and very well stocked. That pond is heated to 20 degrees (constantly) and over filtered to give the koi an optimum environment in the absence of space - so it is possible BUT far from ideal. I suspect however the smaller koi he grows in there will become ‘stumped’.

    As per previous comments it would be good to understand what filtration you have. Maintenance is essential on all ponds, however even more so on smaller ones as parameters will move quickly.

    The Ammonia is reading high and if on an increasing ‘path’ which will soon be at a very dangerous level.

    As for the injuries, it is very difficult to see in the pictures provided so far - are you able to bowl the fish and resend?

    Dealers use vats and holding tanks for their sales stock (including me) and I maintain my filters at least twice per week. These are also temporary environments rather than ‘homes’ which also makes a difference.

    I happy to try and assist or advise if you are able to supply some further information.

    Many thanks

    4,100 gallon pond, infinity window, duratec heater, aerated BD, 3 bakki showers full of BHM, amalgam UV, 3 Blue Ecoís, construction skimmer, trickle in/out, Oase Profi Drum and some very spoilt koi.

    3 separate grow on vats, one 1,600 gallon QT and a customer first business



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