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    Chagoi Red Mouth

    Can someone please help me with this. I have recently noticed my chagoi has a lot of redness around his mouth.

    He is still very active and eating so doesn't come across to me as being sick but i would like some information on this if someone can help.

    All water perimeters have been checked and okay. Also i have noticed 1 little white blotch on his side too that looks to me like carp pox. I have also heard that carp pox can cause redness around the mouth area. Is this true?

    I have provided a video of him, please click the link below.



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    okay ive managed to get some photos and bit more information. His mouth isn't an open wound nor is there any ulcers happening around the area.

    He is still able to fully extend it (as seen in photos) and is still eating and looking for food. there has been no flashing and he isn't acting any different than usual.

    Could this be down the the cold conditions we are having lately?
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    I think id be inclined to sedate and treat that. I would clean the area then use NT Ulcer Swab and Meurochrome and then finally seal with Propolis.
    Good luck as you want to get this sorted before winter gets a hold and the koi immune system becomes weaken
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    I had something very similar earlier in the year with my little goshiki,


    Luckily the temps were up and it cleared up all on its own, is your pond heated or can you get him in a QT for a couple of weeks?
    The lower temps at this time of year wont help the healing process unfortunately.

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    Thanks for the reply waterdog. I think he/she has just banged it as there seems to be no broken skin or ulcers as in your photos.

    The fish is still acting as usual and is able to eat. Reactions are slower but as are all my fish due to the cold weather we are having at the moment.

    My pond isn't heated and I currently don't have access to a qt tank.

    How long was the healing process on yours ? I know you said the cold won't help mine but is it best I leave him alone?

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    Hi Dyson,

    It took a good 5 / 6 weeks to clear completely but again this was in the summer, the temperature is really against you at this time of year and the koi might not have the resources to heal itself, even if it does heal I would expect it to take a lot longer at the low temps we have at the moment.

    If you cant get it into a heated QT then I would probably try some treatment as Andy has suggested above. Not only will this help speed things along but it also means your fish will be in the best possible condition to deal with the potential problems that can occur over winter and into the spring.

    It definitely needs a close eye kept on it though, it might be an idea to order a kusuri medical kit (or similar) so you have the treatments to hand if needed.


    Good luck mate, hope it all works out.

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